Working with Quincunxes w/ Rick Levine

Are you looking to move beyond the major aspects in your astrological practice?

If so, this class is for you! In this class, Master Astrologer & Teacher Rick Levine will change your mind about the Quincunx being considered a minor aspect and will show you just how powerful this aspect can be in someone’s personality. This class will also give you an introduction to how harmonics relate to aspects, recommendations on orb size, how to work with Yods, and an overview of other non-zodiacal aspects that are often overlooked like Quintiles and Septiles. This course is sure to give you a new perspective and appreciation for the Quincunx.

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DURATION: 80-minutes


• An 80-minute class with Rick on working with Quincunxes in video, transcript, and audio format.
• The complete Slide Deck in PDF format
• Cliffs Notes in PDF Format
• Recorded Q&A session in video, transcript, and audio format


  • The history and of Quincunxes
  • The difference between Quincunxes and Inconjuncts
  • Harmonics as they relate to astrological aspects
  • Working with the aspects and recommended orbs for each
  • Traditional aspects vs. non-zodiacal aspects
  • Example charts of well-known people and how these aspects manifested
  • Putting it all together for a better understanding of your chart and others.