Working with Jupiter Cycles w/ Anne Ortelee

Are you interested in understanding what Jupiter Cycle you’re currently in, and what that says about the stage of life you are experiencing?

In Working with Jupiter Cycles, predictive astrologer, and Astrology Hub favorite, Anne Ortelee guides you through a method to understand the Ages of Jupiter by looking at Jupiter’s placement in a chart and comparing it to where it is in the sky now.

The Working with Jupiter Cycles course will walk you step-by-step through this timing technique, as well as give you insight as to why we call Jupiter the “Master Teacher” or “Guru”. By learning this approach, you will be able to gain major insights into key themes for each of the Ages of Jupiter, to help you better understand what you are meant to be mastering throughout each stage of your life. This class includes chart examples from the Royal Family so you can see how Anne applies this technique to her chart readings and begin incorporating this into your practice.

Working With Jupiter Cycles


DURATION: 150-minutes


• A Mastery Class with Anne on working with Jupiter Cycles in video, transcript, and audio format. (90minutes)
• The complete Slide Deck in PDF format
• Cliff Notes in PDF Format
• Recorded Q&A session in video, transcript, and audio format (60minutes)


  • An overview of the significance of Jupiter and Jupiter cycles in Astrology
  • How in astrology Jupiter functions as the “Master Teacher” or Guru
  • Jupiter’s cycles in the birth chart and why they are important
  • About each “Age of Jupiter” and the key themes and teachings during those time periods
  • How to see and evaluate Jupiter’s message by looking at example charts from the royal family