The Philosophy & Techniques of Astrolocality w/ Gemini Brett

Have you ever wondered where on Earth you should live in order to find success in relationships, careers, or creative inspiration?

In this 3-part course, StarryTeller and Astronomy Expert Gemini Brett takes you on a journey through space to introduce you to the Philosophy and Techniques of Astrolocality. Astrolocality is a technique that changes the astrology chart based on where you physically are on the planet. By using Astrocartography, you can find power spots on Earth that speak to your Venus (if you’re looking for love or beauty), Jupiter (if you’re looking for growth or success), or any other planet that you are interested in embodying. By taking this class, you’ll be on your way to making an informed decision about your next move, and will be able to help others do the same. 

This class also includes bonus instructional videos to help you learn how to cast AstroMaps without astrology software.


Astrolocality with Gemini Brett


DURATION: Over 5.5 hours of video content


3-Part course on Astrolocality in video, transcript, and audio format
Pre-recorded Q&A
Study Notes for all 3 parts
BONUS: 4 Bonus instructional videos to learn how to cast astromaps and relocated maps on



  • An introduction to the philosophy of Astrolocality
  • The difference between heliocentric and geo-centric charts.
  • The similarities and differences in Salvador Dali’s natal chart and relocated chart.
  • Basic astronomical language and information and how it relates to the astrological chart. 
  • The geodetic world map – what is it and what does it show us.
  • A review of the angles in the natal chart
  • Accidental dignities of the planets
  • Cadent, Succedent, and Angular houses
  • How to relate Astrocartography maps to the natal chart
  • Examples of how to interpret Astrocartography lines
  • Why AstroCartoGraphy lines sometimes different from what we see in the natal chart
  • How to consider the natal aspects in a relocated chart.
  • How to look at angles to relocated angles
  • The Mundane Square and how to use Parans
  • Planetary latitude, longitude, Declination, and Zenith points
  • Digbala or directional strength & how that relates to temperament
  • Out of Bounds planets