The LOVE Bundle with Christopher Renstrom

Have you ever wondered about why you're drawn to certain people? Or why you tend to attract specific signs into your life?

In this LOVE bundle, you'll dive deep into the world of relationship astrology with Astrologer Christopher Renstrom.  Christopher has used Astrology to strengthen relationships for DECADES and has detailed the 4 things he has found THE BIGGEST indicators of relationship success…

And now we are SO grateful that we get to share those with YOU!

We’ve bundled two of our most popular relationship themed Mastery Classes from Christopher Renstrom, “Love Among the Elements” and “Step Away from the 7th House” together to help you get a clearer picture of how to look at relationship compatibility. 

If you’re looking for love, looking to enhance the partnership you have today, or curious about the best astrological matches for you, you will LOVE the Christopher Renstrom LOVE Bundle! 

These two classes are great for ALL levels of astrology students… basic enough for the beginners and a nuanced take from a Master Astrologer for more intermediate and advanced students.



INSTRUCTORS: Christopher Renstrom

DURATION: 5+ hours total


You'll get:
⭐ 2 Courses on Relationship Astrology, including over 5+ hours of class video content (valued at over $250)
⭐ Transcripts and Audio downloads for both courses ($35)
⭐ Complete Slide Deck for Step Away From The 7th House ($21)
⭐ Study Notes for Step Away From The 7th House ($30)

Total Value: $336
Regular Price: $144


In these classes, you'll learn:

  • How to measure the elements in your own chart
  • What each element “brings to the table”
  • Challenges each element has in relationships
  • The big thing for each element to understand about themselves and others
  • Which elements go together and what the chemistry is like between the elements.
  • Which elements are not as ideal together
  • The overall “pros and cons” of elemental combinations

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