The Importance of Phases w/ Georgia Stathis

Learn to understand the relationship between any two planets… 

In this Mastery Class, Georgia Stathis unpacks the full cycle of planetary phases, correlating transits to the eight phases that are most readily seen with the moon but apply to any two planets. Georgia teaches you the difference between phases and the hallmarks of each so you can use them in interpreting charts.  Georgia demonstrates this by using historical examples of the slow-moving outer planets and how they affect change on a massive scale. By taking this class, you'll be proficient in the eight different phases and the aspects they represent, how to identify them in a chart, and the nuances between each. 

The Importance of Phases Georgia Stathis Astrology Hub

INSTRUCTORS: Georgia Stathis

DURATION: 3+hours


1, 105-minute pre-recorded Mastery Class in audio, video, and transcript format ($57 value)
1, 70-minute pre-recorded Q&A session in video, audio, and transcript format ($47 value)
Cliffs Notes ($27 value)



  • An in-depth look at the eight phases of the Moon
  • The difference between opening and closing squares
  • Specific examples of conjunctions and squares between Saturn and Uranus
  • What to look for in your chart to navigate the Saturn/Uranus aspects
  • What to expect from Saturn/Uranus until 2032
  • Synodic cycles and how they are important for world events
  • Different chart examples to bring it all together