The Complete Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose w/ Adam Gainsburg

The Complete Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose is a deep-dive education into the Mars-Sun cycle and its 13 phases, and how to delineate them for individual embodiment of our Sacred Masculine in service to our shared, collective evolution.

Adam Gainsburg is the originator of the Mars Cycle & Phases and owner of Intrepid Software™.


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INSTRUCTORS: Adam Gainsburg

DURATION: 5 Hours, self-paced course


1. 5+ Hours of Videos and Audio teachings
2. Downloadable PDFs
3. Lots of additional graphics and info to support your education
4. BONUS: Introduction to Synodic Phases article
5. BONUS: 30% off the Mars-Venus Training


  • Class 1 ~ Introduction to the Mars Cycle (63min)
    • Mars' planetary features
    • Mars' dignity & debility descriptions
    • The “Mars Mountain”
    • Mars & his cycle correlations with the Masculine principle in every human being
    • The 8 Sky Events composing the cycle and their meanings
  • Class 2 ~ The Motives of Mars  (78min)
    • Where Mars “comes from” when he takes action
    • The 4 Motivations and Mars' sky appearances
    • Relationship between action and consciousness through Mars MidnightStar Mars
  • Class 3 ~ The Sky Factors of Mars (35 min)
    • The 5 sky factors graphically, and their significations
    • The 8 sky events graphically, and their significations
    • Close look at the Rx loop “shape” of multiple Mars-Sun oppositions
    • Special explanation of the Earth Proximity (Field Effect) sky factor
  • Class 4 ~ The Phases of Mars, Part 1 (53 min) & Part 2 (57 min)
    • The real deal about planetary phases
    • Your Mars Dharma or Purpose
    • “Be Who You Are” or “Do What You Are”?
    • “I vs We” or “I + We”?
    • All 13 phases explained in depth with celebrity chart examples
  • Class 5 ~ Live Delineation Class (46 min)
    • 5 chart delineations where Adam demonstrates how to integrate natal Mars' sign and house into the Mars Phase