The Astrology of Relationships w/ Rick Levine

In this in-depth workshop, you’ll explore how astrology can improve your relationships and help you create more harmony with the people you love. You’ll learn what to look for in your charts to find areas of compatibility, and potential relationship challenges, through synastry and composite techniques. You’ll develop a deep understanding of how astrology impacts relationships between partners, friends, family members, and colleagues.



DURATION: 7 hours, self-paced


Astrology Of Relationships Course, Recorded Q&A with Rick Levine, 4 Course Modules, Access to ALL recorded sessions, Practice Charts + Slides, Cheat Sheets


  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Psychology of Love & Relationships
  • Lesson 2: Romantic Love: Venus and Mars Are Alright Tonight
  • Lesson 3: Techniques of Relationship Analysis
  • Lesson 4: Relationship Case Studies from Class Participants