Solar Arc Directions w/ Frank Clifford

Learn the powerful technique behind Solar Arc Directions

In this Mastery Class, Frank Clifford teaches you everything you need to know about Solar Arc Directions so that you can begin incorporating this technique into your practice today. By learning how to apply Solar Arc Directions, you'll be able to accurately forecast incoming energies, helping yourself and/or clients be prepared for what's ahead! You will learn the difference between Solar Arc Directions and Secondary Progressions and why Frank finds them more helpful in highlighting the long-term unfolding story of your life so you can better understand the particular season you're in. Frank's teaching style is supportive as he's able to break down complex ideas in an accessible way. If you're looking for a forecasting tool to add to your skillset, look no further! 

Solar Arc Directions Frank Clifford Astrology Hub

INSTRUCTORS: Frank Clifford

DURATION: 3+ hours


1, 130-minute pre-recorded Mastery Class in audio, video, and transcript format ($57 value)
1, 75-minute pre-recorded Q&A session in video, audio, and transcript format ($47 value)
Cliffs Notes ($27 value)



  • What Solar Arc Directions are and how they can be used
  • Best practices for interacting with clients and using astrology ethically
  • The difference between forecasting and prediction
  • How to translate the season of one’s life into a helpful dialogue
  • Ways Solar Arc Directions interact with the natal chart, recommended orbs, house systems, and utilizing the aspect grid
  • The top-four things to pay attention to when looking at Solar Arc Directions
  • Putting it all together with chart examples