Secrets of the Zodiac w/ Kathryn Andren

Secrets of The Zodiac Online Astrology Course.

Are you interested in the language of astrology but don’t know where to start? This foundation course makes it easy for you to begin your education by introducing you to each sign of the Zodiac and its opposition pair. In this audio course and guidebook, astrologer Kathryn Andren takes you through each opposition sign pairing (Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio…) and their integrated themes. You will learn about each sign of the Zodiac and the elements, modalities, archetypes/professions, and planetary rulerships associated with each sign, as well as keys for embodiment. Included is also a full color PDF companion guide to use while going through the course.

Secrets of the Zodiac

INSTRUCTORS: Kathryn Andren

DURATION: 4 hours


7 Audio Course lessons; A comprehensive 32 page PDF Guidebook on each sign and sign pairing, their themes, elements, modes, and planetary rulers


Lesson 1: Action Aries & Loving Libra Lesson 2: Tantalizing Taurus & Sexy Scorpio Lesson 3: Joyful Gemini & Superior Sagittarius Lesson 4: Caring Cancer & Conscientious Capricorn Lesson 5: Lavish Leo & Out of this World Aquarius Lesson 6: Virgo Perfection & Powerful Pisces Lesson 7: Secrets to Synthesis, Review of Core Concepts