Ruling Planets for Unruly Times w/ Christopher Renstrom

If your chart was a book, who would be the main character?

All ten major planets factor into your chart, but one of them is extra special…

The most important planet in your chart is YOUR RULING PLANET, which is like your personal celestial guide through the ups and downs of life, work, relationships and more!

You are a child of one of the planets – but which one? And what does it mean?

In Ruling Planets for Unruly Times, you’ll learn all about your ruling planet and the role it plays for you based on which planet it is and where it’s placed in your chart!

But it’s not just your ruling planet that matters…

All of the planets play a part in your story, and in this class, you’ll learn about all of them and what they mean in each sign of the zodiac!


Astrology Course Ruling Planets

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DURATION: 9+ Hours


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1 BONUS Chart Reading & Q&A Session with Christopher Renstrom ($97)
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Week 1:

  • Introduction & Historical Overview
  • Children of The Sun / The Sun through the Signs
  • Children of The Moon / The Moon through the Signs
  • Children Mercury / Mercury through the Signs

Week 2:

  • Children of Venus / Venus through the Signs
  • Children of Mars / Mars through the Signs
  • Children of Jupiter / Jupiter through the Signs
  • Children of Saturn / Saturn through the Signs

Week 3:

  • Children of Uranus / Uranus through the Signs
  • Children of Neptune / Neptune through the Signs
  • Children of Pluto / Pluto through the Signs
  • Planetary Dignities & Joys