Practical Astrological Magic w/ Jenn Zahrt, PhD

A Hands-On Approach to Making Magic Everyday

In Practical Astrological Magic, Jenn Zahrt, PhD shares her over 20 years of experience as an Astrologer and Magician to teach you everything you need to know to create a magical practice that works for YOU.

As Dr. Jenn says, “Magic is a practice of engaging with the forces of the universe in a devotional way to achieve results… And you DO achieve results when you do it correctly.” 

So, learn how to wield magic responsibly and start getting results today in this hands-on workshop with a master magician!

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Practical Astrological Magic w/ Jenn Zahrt | Astrology Course

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• A recorded 90-Minute Premium Video Workshop with Astrologer Jenn Zahrt, PhD – $97 value
• A recorded 90-Minute Q&A where Dr. Jenn addresses student questions – $47 value
• The complete Slide Deck in PDF format – $17 value
• Lifetime Access to the Workshop and Q&A in Video, Audio & Transcript formats – $47 value


Cosmological Contexts

  • The cosmology of our solar system according to ancient astrologers and magicians
  • Mapping out the “Thema Mundi” as a learning tool and anchor
  • Meeting Saturn through the Moon as entities
  • Assessing planetary strength

Pleasing the Planetary Powers

  • Timing with planetary days/hours
  • Timing with cycles
  • Timing with advanced astrological tech

Magical Materia

  • Identifying plants and stones astrologically
  • The five senses
  • A word about writing
  • The presence of absence and why voids matter

Ritual & Relationship

  • Dynamic timing as a functional principle
  • Designing your workings
  • Getting results: everything happens in relationship



An eBook about practical astrological magic, Bring Your Talismans Alive with Astrology by Jenn Zahrt, PhD

In this eBook written exclusively for students of Practical Astrological Magic, Dr. Jenn helps you think like a magician and (re)introduces you to the planets so you can begin to meet them as a magician would and cultivate an embodied relationship with these powerful entities and create talismans that actually work. Cut through piles of ancient texts and get straight to work by learning the foundational elements of magic and finding mastery within.