Pluto and the Fate of the USA

Join Astrology Hub favorites Rick Levine, Divine Harmony, Adam Gainsburg, and Mychal Bryan for this very special premium panel discussion on America’s Pluto Return!

Learn what you can expect during America’s 2022 Pluto Return and how you can prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime event with top astrologers offering their profound wisdom and practical insights for navigating this powerful cosmic alignment.

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INSTRUCTORS: Adam Gainsburg, Divine Harmony, Mychal Bryan, Rick Levine

DURATION: 165 Minutes


• Exclusive Access to the 2 hour 45 minute PREMIUM PANEL discussion, debate and Q&A featuring Rick Merlin Levine, Divine Harmony, Adam Gainsburg & Mychal Bryan.
• BONUS Downloadable Cliffs Notes summarizing key points from our astrologers' incredible presentations.
• AN EMPOWERED deep-dive on this major astrological transit with advice on how YOU can work with it from trusted astrologers!



This webinar is meant to give you the rundown on this historic event from 4 top astrologers addressing these key questions:

⭑ What is a Pluto Return and why is this a big deal for the United States?

⭑ What can we expect during this time?

⭑ How can we proactively work with the energy and prepare?