Planetary Phase w/ Gemini Brett

Did you know that you can apply the concept of Moon phases to any pair of planets?

In this in-depth Mastery Class, Gemini Brett introduces the astronomical and astrological significance of a planet going “under the beams”, and how it relates to the phases of the Moon. Gemini Brett will walk you through the meanings behind the four principle Moon Phases, and how to apply this concept to any two planets in a chart. This class will invite you to go out under the sky, see these phases for yourself and feel into what it means to be born into a particular Moon phase. By taking this class, you’ll understand the astronomical and astrological meaning behind planetary phases, and gain the confidence to begin working with them in your practice.

Astrology Course Planetary Phaes w/ Gemini Brett


DURATION: 80-minutes


1, 80-minute pre-recorded Mastery Class in audio and video format
Cliffs Notes


  • What it means astronomically and astrologically to be “under the beams”
  • The terms Heliacal Rise and Heliacal Set
  • The story of Innana, Venus’s 19-month synodic cycle, and the chakra gates
  • The Moon phases as a child-parent relationship
  • Primary & Secondary motion
  • How to find what Moon phase you were born under and why that’s important
  • How to apply the phases of the Moon to the cycles of other planets