The Pinball Approach w/ Anne Ortelee

Online Mastery Class

Are you interested in understanding the natural flow of your chart?

In this Mastery Class, Anne Ortelee teaches you how to be aligned with the natural flow of your chart, which is so helpful when starting new projects, making decisions, and giving context to the timing of your life. This holistic approach to an astrology chart reading views each transit as one part of an overarching process, or a game of pinball! Anne created this technique by combining many different forms of astrology, with the influence of her background as a computer programmer. In this online astrology course, she walks you through this method step-by-step and teaches you how to apply it to any chart. This technique is easy to learn and integrate into an astrology practice and has proven to help people through challenging transits in a clear and concise way. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to approach a chart, this class is for you!

The Pinball Approach w/ Anne Ortelee


DURATION: 80-minutes


An 80-minute Mastery Class, Cliffs Notes, Transcript, Audio file, Slide deck, and fillable PDF worksheet


Online Mastery Class: The Pinball Approach w/ Anne Ortelee:

  • How to identify the degree a planet is at in any natal chart & what that says about your relationship with that planet
  • How the energy flows through a specific chart based on the degrees of each planet
  • Insight into how a chart can be triggered by a transit
  • Why the planets act as actors or “energy hubs” in your life and what each of them means
  • Tips to incorporating natal aspects into this technique
  • How this technique can be used in synastry readings
  • How to apply the Pinball Approach to any chart