Meet Your Planets

Meet Your Planets

Develop a deep understanding of the meaning of the planets through the houses, signs, and aspects in a unique book that makes astrology intuitive and fun, Meet Your Planets by Roy Alexander.

Meet Your Planets contains detailed interpretations of planets in signs and houses, and by aspect. These interpretations are fun, often humorous, and designed to make you think, encouraging you to look at the deeper levels of meaning shown by the images from which the interpretations are derived.

For example, some people might tell you that if you have a Moon in Cancer you are clinging, oversensitive, or shy. But on a deeper level―the one illustrated in Meet Your Planets―the Moon has the image of a housekeeper or secretary, while Cancer has the image of a baby sitter. At this deeper level, a person with a Moon in Cancer can be seen as a patient, caring housekeeper looking after a baby.

By focusing on this inner level, you can begin to open up feeling and behavior patterns to gradual improvement and change.

Meet Your Planets gives you a basic image of a type of person for each planet and a type of job for each sign or house. By learning less than two dozen images, you can give an accurate, intuitive, and in-depth interpretation of an astrological chart.

·Use the power of mythology in your chart interpretations
·Quickly and easily understand the inner meanings of planets in all signs of the zodiac
·Make your chart interpretations more meaningful to yourself and others
·Laugh and enjoy the descriptions in this book―powerful astrology can be fun

This book is ideal for the beginner in astrology, as it makes learning the meanings of the planets in the signs and houses easy. It’s also ideal for the experienced astrologer, as it will allow deeper and more insightful readings. Whatever level of astrologer you are, you must get Meet Your Planets.