The Mastery Class Vault: Volume 1

Have you ever wondered about working with Mercury’s cycles, how to incorporate the Nakshatras into your work with Astrology, or how to work with Venus for a more fulfilled and aligned life? You’ll learn that and so much more when you unlock the Mastery Class Vault. The Vault gives you access to Astrology Hub’s 9 most popular 2019 courses and is an invaluable addition to your Astrology learning library!

Each course is taught by one of our Master Astrologers.


INSTRUCTORS: Adam Gainsburg, Amma Li Grace, Becca Tarnas, Meru Matu, Nadiya Shah, Rick Levine, Vic DiCara, Wade Caves

DURATION: 15+ hours of content


Video Classes, Audio Mp3 Downloads, PDF Transcripts, and Cliff Notes for the 9 Most Popular Mastery Classes from the 2019 Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle program.


  • Working with Your Nakshatras with Vic DiCara;
  • Cultivating Your Archetypal Eye with Becca Tarnas;
  • Working with the Mercury Cycles with Adam Sommer;
  • Working with Quincunxes with Rick Levine;
  • Virgo & Pisces: The Sacred in the Everyday with Nadiya Shah;
  • Your Venus Phase with Adam Gainsburg;
  • How to Use the New Moon with Your Astrological Chart with Wade Caves;
  • Natural Planet Alchemy with Meru Matu;
  • The Astrology-Gene Keys Connection with Amma Li Grace.