Eclipse Mastery Astrology Program

Eclipses are an opportunity to look into a mirror at our own consciousness and transcend old ideas and limiting beliefs. In this 6 week training, you’ll learn about the deeper meaning behind eclipses and what they portend about our future. Discover how to use karmic eclipse triggers to shift your outer reality and the collective paradigm for soul healing. You'll also find out the transits, conjunctions, aspects, and eclipse points that support transformation in relation to your chart so that you can better understand how eclipses will influence your soul journey and karmic connections. Taught by the world’s 6 leading eclipse scholars.

Originally recorded in Summer 2017


INSTRUCTORS: Adam Gainsburg, Benjamin Dykes, Bernadette Brady, Christeen Skinner, Christine Arens, Donna Woodwell

DURATION: 6 weeks


Weekly Video Courses, Supplemental Course Materials, Complete Audio and Video Recordings, PDF Transcripts for Each Class, Astrology Essentials: The Foundation for Reading Horoscope Charts from Any Astrological System, 3 Back-Articles from the Mountain Astrologer on Eclipses, Gifts from All 6 Experts, the Great Summer Eclipse Program Full Transcripts and Video Downloads


  • Eclipse 101: Introducing Astrology’s Greatest Omen with Donna Woodwell
  • Working with Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Navigating Through the Currents of Your Life with Bernadette Brady
  • Dimming the Light of the World: Traditional Techniques for Interpreting Eclipses with Benjamin Dykes
  • Eclipses Mundane and Natal with Christine Arens
  • Eclipses, Nodes & Soul Healing with Adam Gainsburg
  • Your Draconic Chart and Your Soul Journey with Christine Skinner