Chart Reading Extravaganza w/ Rick Levine

With Master Astrologer Rick Levine

Are you ready to take your chart reading skills to the next level?

In this 4-week class, Master Astrologer Rick Levine will show you how he approaches a chart with student reading demonstrations, interpretation explanations, and instructions for doing your own readings. Rick will open each session with a mini technique overview** and then dive into two live chart readings, giving you an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at foundational chart reading techniques in action –  that you can then apply to reading charts for yourself, your loved ones and/or your clients. If you want to get invaluable chart reading skills from a living legend in astrology, this class is for you!

**Astrology Foundation Level 1 & Level 2 are not mandatory prerequisites for attending the Chart Reading Extravaganza month, but are highly recommended. 

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DURATION: 8 hours


• 4 Chart Reading Practice Sessions (8 charts total!) with Master Astrologer Rick Levine
• Lifetime Access to the Recordings of the live sessions in Video, Audio & Transcript formats
• A PDF Handout with tips for Chart Reading for quick reference


4-weeks of recorded classes with 2 chart readings per session, each including:

  • A short technique overview
  • Two in depth, live chart reading demonstrations using student volunteer charts – with the student present and giving feedback
  • Interpretation explanations
  • Instructions for doing your own readings
  • Supplementary handouts to support your learning