Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle: EXPAND

Learn Astrology in Community with the Masters & Transform Your Life in The Process!

If you’ve been yearning to dive into your Astrological studies with a consistent support system and trustworthy teachers… If you'd love to have a place to ask questions and get feedback from a community of Astrology Students… And if you see the benefit in using Astrology to consciously navigate the path ahead to transform your life (and our world!)… We invite you to join our Inner Circle community where you get monthly access to the world’s best astrologers as your mentors for ongoing astrological training & guidance for navigating what 2024 and 2025 have to bring. They’ll provide their top astrological tools & techniques, as well as guidance on how to consciously co-create with the Astrological energies.

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INSTRUCTORS: Andrea Michelle, Astro Lada, Cassandra Joan Butler, Celeste Brooks, Christopher Renstrom, Clarissa Dolphin, Jamie Magee, Joe Landwehr, Leslie Tagorda, Marc Laurenson, Mark Borax, Rick Levine, Sheridan Semple

DURATION: Ongoing, Month to Month


➡ Expert Astrologer Guidance: Each month, learn from a new professional astrologer who will lead you through the lunar cycle. Get direct access to their mentorship in the private community group.

➡ Specialized Mastery Class: Expand your knowledge base with a different astrological chart reading technique every month so you can grow your tool kit over time from various perspectives.

➡ Detailed New Moon & Moon Forecasts:* Gain in-depth understanding throughout the lunar cycle & learn how to work with the current astrological transits.

➡ New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony:* Set intentions aligned with the cosmic invitation & track your progress each month, guided by Amanda.

➡ Chart Demos & Q&A:* Submit your chart to be read as the chart example by your guiding astrologer and get your Mastery Class questions answered every month.

➡ Daily Cosmic Pulse Texts: Short, informative messages about the current cosmic energy delivered straight to your phone, so you can stay in flow even when you’re short on time. (subject to deliverability by country/service provider)

*These are live events that offer a recording for anyone who can't make it.

PLUS these bonuses:

➡ 20% Discounts on all Astrology Hub courses and reports (like the Astrology Foundations Suite with Rick Levine, Christopher Renstrom’s Cosmic Calendar and Your 3 Month Astro Guide)

➡ Access to our Private Community where you can discuss current transits, ask questions about your chart, and share insights & resources with your fellow students.

➡ Moon Cycle Horoscopes: Get a quick, practical overview of how the upcoming lunar cycle will impact your Sun and Rising signs.

➡ Exclusive Premium Podcast Access featuring your favorite Astrologers, such as Christopher Renstrom & more.

➡ A Student Level Assessment & Guidebook so you don’t have to give into overwhelm! We’ll assess your starting point and provide a clear starting point with suggestions catered to your experience level.

➡ Comprehensive Beginner's Starter Kit just in case you’re concerned that you’re too beginner for this group! This kit gives you everything you need to get started on your journey including chart reading tutorials,
reference guides to signs, planets, and houses, a “Secrets of the Zodiac" Audio Course and a “Foundations of Astrology Course” taught by Donna Woodwell & Enid Newberg. - Level 1 & 2

➡ 3 Additional Mastery Classes for extra learning support:

- Meet & Befriend Your Inner Committee with Linda Kubota Byrd - Level 3
- Your Hero’s Journey with the Four Angles with Rachel Onojafe - Level 4
- Harnessing Harmonics with New & Full Moons with Clarissa Dolphin - Level 5


April: Aries Moon Cycle w/Leslie Tagorda

  • Mastery Class – Chiron the Wounded Leader: Turn Your Challenges into Gifts

May: Taurus Moon Cycle w/ Celeste Brooks

  • Mastery Class – Secondary Progressions in Predictive Astrology

June: Gemini Moon Cycle w/ Christopher Renstrom

  • Mastery Class – Sextiles & Quincunxes

July: Cancer Moon Cycle w/ Astro Lada

  • Mastery Class – House Rulership

August: Leo Moon Cycle w/ Marc Laurenson

  • Mastery Class – Navigating Midlife: The Transits of Pluto, Neptune & Uranus

September: Virgo Moon Cycle w/ Rick Levine

  • Mastery Class – Mercury: More Than Just a Trickster!

October: Libra Moon Cycle w/ Mark Borax

  • Mastery Class – Revamping Sun Signs: From Cliche to Core

November: Scorpio Moon Cycle w/ Jamie Magee

  • Mastery Class – Into the Void

December: Capricorn Moon Cycle w/ To Be Announced!

  • Mastery Class – Coming soon

January: Aquarius Moon Cycle w/ Joe Landwehr

  • Mastery Class – Diurnal Motion as a Basis for Spiritual Growth

December: Pisces Moon Cycle w/ Cassandra Joan Butler

  • Mastery Class – Sabian Symbols