Astrology Foundations Level 1 w/ Master Astrologer Rick Levine

A 5 Week Online Course on The Zodiac Signs, Planets, Houses, Aspect & The Astrological Chart.

This is the only time Rick is teaching his approach to Astrology in decades! Rick brings years of studies and experience, making this a one of a kind opportunity to learn from one of the leading Master Astrologers in the industry!

This self-paced, in depth course is great for both beginners and seasoned students who are looking for an unshakeable foundation in their Astrology study taught by a living legend.

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DURATION: 5 Weeks Self Paced (10+ hours)


1. 10+ Hours of Teaching Delivered as 5 Modules over 5 Weeks
2. Video, Audio & Transcript Format
3. Reference Sheets for Each Module
4. Recorded Q&A each week for every module (5 total)
*All Live Q&A Sessions will be recorded and available in your Online Library

1. 50% Coupon off Rick’s Astrology of Relationships Workshop ($73 value)
2. Rick’s Mastery Class on Quincunxes ($47 value)
3. A PDF Book of Rick’s Top 24 Poems (priceless and not available anywhere else!)


MODULE #1: The Zodiac: Starting with the Elements And Signs

  • Lesson #1: Fire
  • Lesson #2: Earth
  • Lesson #3: Air
  • Lesson #4: Water
  • Recorded Q&A

MODULE #2: The Planets: Where the Signs Come Alive

  • Lesson #1: The Luminaries (Sun and Moon)
  • Lesson #2: The Personal Planets (Mercury, Venus, & Mars)
  • Lesson #3: The Social Planets (Jupiter & Saturn)
  • Lesson #4: The Transpersonal Planets (Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto)
  • Recorded Q&A

MODULE #3: The Horoscope Chart: The Map of Astrology

  • Lesson #1: The Horoscope: Cycle of Experience
  • Lesson #2: The Houses: Where the Planets Play
  • Lesson #3: The Keys to the Map (Signs & Degrees)
  • Lesson #4: House Systems & Housekeeping
  • Recorded Q&A

MODULE #4: The Aspects: The Harmony of the Spheres

  • Lesson #1: Conjunctions, Squares, & Oppositions
  • Lesson #2: Trines & Sextiles
  • Lesson #3: Quincunxes & Non-Zodiacal Aspects
  • Lesson #4: Planetary Configurations
  • Recorded Q&A

MODULE #5: Putting It All Together

  • Lesson #1: Intro to Reading a Chart
  • Lesson #2: Intro to Transits (Timing is Everything)
  • Lesson #3: Intro to Mundane Astrology
  • Lesson #4: Taking The Next Step (Where do you go from here?)
  • Recorded Q&A

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