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Moon Sign Horoscopes

In Traditional Astrology, the Moon has always been related to one's entire body. But since we're trying to compare and contrast three different types of readings, the Torso is also a good comparison as it hosts most of your vital organs making it the most vulnerable part of your body.

When you read a Horoscope for your Moon Sign, this is the keyword you want to keep in mind "vulnerability." It gives you insight into what you are subject to at a given time.

Sun Sign Horoscopes

The Sun can be compared to your head. It's your intellect, likes and dislikes, and personality. So usually, when you read a Horoscope for your Sun Sign, it tells you the things you're more in control of.

Whenever you hear an Astrologer forecasting the week's potential when reading for your Sun Sign, this means you’re more likely the trigger of these events. This is because the Sun Sign Horoscope can let you know what urges you might have at a given moment. The Sun represents energy, so it's a good indicator of where your energy will most likely be spent at a given time.

Rising Sign Horoscopes

The Rising Sign represents what sign was literally Rising on the horizon as you were born. Your birth location and time determine it, and it's the most personalized point in your chart.

Because it derives from location, reading Horoscopes for your Rising Sign can tell you the environment you're likely to be in at a given time. To know what comes out of it, you can combine what you've read about your Moon Sign and Sun Sign to get an entirely personalized Horoscope.

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Someone’s got to go first. And the role often falls to trailblazing Aries. When there’s no beaten path, it takes all of Aries's strength and courage to cut through “the way things have always been” to “where no one has gone before.” From cutting the Panama Canal through a continent to reinventing yourself, Aries knows how to get it done. But, a single-minded vision has a few drawbacks. Aries is perhaps the least concerned with relationships out of all the signs. Romance, sexual heat, sure. Competition to win their lover’s heart, no problem. But once they’ve conquered, their sights move on to the next unknown. They need a steady diet of new challenges to feel fulfilled.



“So, why can’t I have my cake and eat it too?” muses the daydreaming Taurus. Slowing down and indulging in all the world’s sensual pleasures is a Taurus passion. They have a natural gift for staying grounded and centered, weathering storms that would blow other Zodiac signs away. (Of course, they’d prefer being properly outfitted for the occasion first.) But keep waving that red cape in front of them, and you’ll certainly face the pointy end of their horns. Nothing annoys them more than constant change, especially if you expect them to do the changing. And beware of moving them before they're ready -- at best they’ll stage a sit-in, at worst you’ll find the raging bull charging at you.



Smartphones and social media were invented by Gemini. Their alert, active minds seek the stimulation of connection.

They can’t remember life before the Internet; an outage will see them searching for the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. That is if they aren’t already there drinking lattes and chatting with their friends.

Life with Gemini is certainly never boring. They’ll be the witty conversationalist at any party as a social butterfly by nature. They love learning about everything and are happy to share their bounty. Curious Gemini craves a steady diet of new and stimulating sensations and information.



Cancers lead with their emotions. They’ll place protecting their family, team, or tribe above other concerns.

They use their empathy and nurturing skills to care for those around them and will do anything to help a friend in need. But they’ve learned from hard experience they need their protective shells and their razor-sharp pinchers.

Anger a Cancer, and you’ll feel the hard, sharp side of both. They instinctively know where your soft spots are too. They are attached to the past, so their memories (for the real and the imagined) are long.



Wherever they go, a Leo feels the spotlight on themselves!

This sun-kissed fire sign may feel the urge to put on a good show. With their natural flair for the dramatic and impeccable sense of style, there's often a Leo shining at the center of the party. But feeling like you're always on can be quite exhausting.

If you're a Leo, cut yourself a little slack. Even Hollywood stars get a laugh from their blooper reels. Playtime is what you need to recharge your batteries. Find a place where no one is watching -- or where the audience will love you regardless.



“Desperately seeking perfection,” could be Virgo’s motto. Calm and competent on the outside, inside they’re paddling furiously to find a way to earn the love and respect they’re afraid they aren’t good enough to deserve.

Unfortunately, this Mercurial Earth sign didn’t get the memo “Nobody’s perfect.” Cut yourself -- and everyone else -- some slack; sometimes, life is messy. Besides, criticism is inefficient.

Focus on step-by-step continuous quality improvement, and you’ll find your stress levels decreasing in no time. Discernment, after all, is one of Virgo's greatest gifts.



It's galling to be unable to act. After weeks of jockeying for position it looks like you'll be forced to kick the can down the road yet again. If it makes you feel any better, this has less to do with the way you've been managing things and more to do with the planets in the sky. They simply aren't disposed to you getting the results you seek – not with Mars retrograde in Gemini. The thing to keep in mind about retrogrades is that what appears to be bad timing is actually a holding pattern aimed at keeping you busy until the skies clear in late January.



You can afford to wait. It doesn't feel that way – not when you're between solar and lunar eclipses and you have the south node moving through your zodiac sign. If anything, your impulse is to offload and dispose. But in your haste to get rid of the people, places, and things in your life that you feel are holding you back you could wind up throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Stay put for now. A lot of things are coming to an end and you don't want to act prematurely. Not when you have so much to gain by biding your time.



Just when you thought you'd seen the end of a petulant sibling, a demanding business partner, or deadbeat Ex it looks like they'll be circling back to cause more aggravation. This often happens when Mars turns retrograde in your solar house of open enemies. However, the difference this time is that this person needs your help out of a jam. Now you might ask: what's in it for me? Why should I help this bane to my existence? Answer: peace of mind. The sooner you help them solve their dilemma and move on, the sooner you can go back to enjoying your life without them.



Don’t be so quick to turn up your nose at that business venture on November 1st. If you had a dime for every time someone approached you with a win-win deal that pays little now but rewards you later on then you'd be as rich as Elon Musk. You've been left hanging too many times to take anything like this seriously, but it's precisely because it's so surreal that you should pay attention to it. The first quarter Moon in Aquarius favors pie in the sky endeavors; the more farfetched, the better! Think about it. You have nothing to lose by just mulling it over.



It's hard to believe you're going out on a limb again. What is it with you and the lost causes? Aquarians are idealistic. Often accused of looking past the blemishes, your focus is on someone's untapped potential and it's this commitment to the future that outweighs the past no matter how damning. You also have a soft spot for the underdog. You know what it's like to be an outcast which is why you're giving someone a second chance. But a second chance is all they get. You're still a Child of Saturn and won't hesitate to cut someone off if they fail to deliver.



Mars is the planet of aggressors. And the problem with aggressors is that if you don't stand up to them they will continue to bully you. Pisces – like all three water signs – hates confrontation. You're more apt to climb out the back window to make your escape than lock horns with an opponent. Unfortunately your opponent isn't going anywhere. Now nobody's saying you have to return a push with a shove. The Stars are simply signaling that if you don't want to spend the rest of your life on the run then you might want to face the music now and be done with it.



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