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Cancer Horoscope – November 20th – 26th

Moments of closure are few and far between. You may feel like you’ve said everything that needed to be said regarding a certain relationship or association, but other people’s timetables rarely correspond with ours. This is why you won’t want to blow off someone you thought you’d never hear from again. Things didn’t end well between you and you’ve made peace with that; however, this person hasn’t. What they have to say may seem like it’s too little too late, but it still means a lot to them – which is why you should make the time to hear them out. You’ll be glad you did.

Cancer Horoscope – November 6th – 12th

It took a long time to hammer out an agreement, but Venus’s entrance into Libra on November 18th shows you will. In many ways, this is what you’ve wanted. If you review the scenarios you entertained and the direction you were leaning in, then you’ll see it’s all of a piece. It just doesn’t look that way now. And that’s the thing to remember whenever a dispute is settled. So much time has been spent focusing on what’s wrong that its final draft appears almost alien. Give yourself a few days for it all to sink in, and you’ll see that you came out ahead.

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Cancer Yearly Horoscope | 2024 Forecast

Cancer, your 2024 horoscope promises profound transformation. As you journey through the year ahead, your world could radically shift. Your most significant task is knowing what you want to change & why.

Top Themes for the Year:

• Exploring emotional & financial depths.
• Balancing your home & professional life
• Spiritual growth & community engagement.

2024 begins with Pluto returning to your 8th house (January 20th). Be sure to notice and engage familiar themes from early 2023 around legacy, finances, and unearthing profound personal or family truths hidden behind secrets or emotional walls. Trust that there’s power hidden in this discovery and that you’re well-equipped to master the path ahead.

Every ending is truly a beginning…

The Libra eclipse on March 25th will help you dig deeper into your roots and ancestral energies. The following eclipse on April 8th will frame your independence and ability to lead and create your legacy.

To get from “here to there,” you may need to reevaluate your convictions and understanding of the path you’ve taken so far. On April 10th, Mars & Saturn meeting in your 9th house will help you find a steady strategy. The Pisces eclipse on September 18th will further support the growth and karmic breakthrough you need in this area of your life.

A highlight of the year is when Jupiter & Uranus meet in your 11th house on April 20th and Venus & Jupiter on May 23rd. These transits will bring an energetic focus on your community, dreams, and social circles that could usher in opportunities and unexpected friendships, as well as new views on a dream you carry. On May 25th, Jupiter will shift into Gemini (your 12th house). This transit is in trine (harmony) with the work you’ll do with Pluto in the 8th and the eclipse in the 4th. Make it a point to focus on the outcomes you want, not the ones you may fear or would rather avoid.

Cancer, in 2024, your journey will take you deep within. Trust that powerful, untapped magic exists – listen to your soul, and you will flourish.

Get to Know Cancer

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Cancers lead with their emotions. They’ll place protecting their family, their team or their tribe above other concerns. They use their empathy and nurturing skills to care for those around them, and will do anything to help a friend in need. People born under this sign are extremely intuitive and compassionate in nature.

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