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Aries Horoscope – November 20th – 26th

Is it over before it began? That’s what it’s going to feel like when Mars squares Saturn on November 25th. Mars/Saturn squares can be sobering experiences – not unlike being put under a cold shower. At first, you’ll recoil from the sudden drop in temperature, but being an Aries, you’ll recover quickly because you have an athlete’s stamina. The important thing to ask yourself is if your heart is really behind the endeavor you signed on for. If it isn’t, then Saturn’s doing you a favor by giving you a crisp splash of reality. If it is, then consider this a taste of things to come.

Aries Horoscope – November 13th – 19th

Beware of sneak attacks. It’s not quite a Game of Thrones maneuver, but it’s deceptive nonetheless. It’s hard to tell from the planetary placements if this is deliberate or accidental. In other words – is the person you’re meeting with in good faith about ironing out details in a contract or negotiation truly unaware of a third party’s machinations, or was this a set-up all along? It pays to be on your toes and to follow developments closely. Hopefully, things will go off without a hitch, but Mars under the beams of the Sun on November 18th is known for its cloak-and-dagger tactics, so proceed cautiously.

Aries Horoscope – November 6th – 12th

The thing that people forget about Aries is that you are no stranger to battle. You often know what an opponent thinks because you’ve been in their shoes. This will come in handy this week as you try to outmaneuver the person on the other side of the divide. You have a pretty good idea of what their options are and can make some educated guesses as to how they’ll act. Others don’t see this and will try to talk you out of your decision on November 10th. Tune them out. You’re an old hand at face-offs and know exactly what to do to win.

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Aries Yearly Horoscope | 2024

Aries, this year is packed with swift change & opportunities for growth. In many ways, by year’s end, your entire life will have changed.

Top Themes for the Year:

• Asserting your individuality within partnerships.
• Closing chapters to pave the way for fresh starts.
• Refining and standing firm in your values.

In true Aries fashion, you may feel clear and ready to charge into the unknown as the year begins. In the first part of the year, you may find yourself profoundly accessing where you are in life and who is at your side. And more importantly, what can you do to change this for the better? The choices you make in the year’s first half will need some unpacking, revisions, and adjustments in the last half. The more conscious you are of the actions and the reasons for taking them, the better.

Let’s look at some of the most significant energies you’ll work with in 2024…

On January 20th, Pluto will move back into your 11th house. The sooner you engage familiar themes that came up in early 2023, the easier the path for growth and change will be. A key thing to remember is that Pluto wants you to be successful and knows what’s holding you back. The lessons of this planet are profound, revealing, but ultimately elevating.

Throughout this year, you’ll often feel as if you’re on a quest to uncover yourself at a soul-deep level. Self-discovery is a theme of this year’s eclipses for you (happening in March/ April and September/ October). Trust that wants ends or beings has a karmic purpose.

Mercury in retrograde in Aries across your birthday season and Mars & Saturn meeting up in your 12th house will also support the theme of “letting go to grow.” Remember that sometimes, we must go back to go forward. You may be leaning into unexpected opportunities as you wrap up your birthday season. Jupiter & Uranus will meet, and then Venus & Jupiter will support topics of your wealth, values, and overall self-esteem. Investing in you should be your priority. Finding the right allies to help support your values will be easier as Jupiter moves into Gemini in May for the first time in 12 years. With this energy, you may quickly find a new flow of daily connections and partnerships and focus on your dreams.

At this point in the year, you’ll be standing at a threshold between who you were a few months prior and who you will be by year’s end. As the year progresses and you unpack these energies, trust your fiery instincts, and you can’t go wrong, Aries.

Get to Know Aries

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Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and true to this form, tend to fall in to the leadership role of initiation. Known for their trailblazing energy, Aries unique methods of innovation give them the reputation of a fiery pioneer. Tunnel-vision may be this signs downfall, since Arians need constant change in order to feel in control.

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